Our History

Zekelman Industries’ history of delivering successful solutions dates back more than 135 years.

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The Zekelman Industries Commitment

We have the knowledge, experience, and credentials to deliver the products and services our markets require.

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Management Team

Meet the dedicated team that leads Zekelman Industries.

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About Zekelman Industries

Zekelman Industries is the largest independent steel pipe and tube manufacturer in North America. Along with our operating divisions of Atlas Tube, Wheatland Tube, Picoma, Sharon Tube, Z Modular, and Western Tube, we are the most trusted and comprehensive resource for structural application-specific tubular steel products and solutions in the country. Producing approximately 2.5 million tons of pipe and tube annually in our 15 manufacturing plants, we pride ourselves on having the knowledge and expertise to deliver your steel pipe and tube solutions throughout North America.

Our Hollow Structural Sections (HSS), pipe, electrical conduit, and fittings are in iconic structures such as the Pentagon, Independence Hall, and the Empire State Building, just to name a few.

We provide a full range of pipe and tube solutions to a variety of demanding market segments. From the deepest oil wells to the highest skyscrapers, our people deliver an in-depth understanding of industry specific issues and strong technical expertise to your projects. Additionally, we supply our customers with an extensive choice of products in a wide range of sizes. Setting industry standards for quality, our products are produced in the shortest cycle times so we can deliver your pipe and tube solutions as soon as you need them.

Our history of delivering successful solutions reaches back more than 130 years. Decade after decade we have remained committed to our customers and end users. This focus has helped us stay strong for more than a century, and it has helped us grow larger than any other independent pipe and tube manufacturer on the continent. The source of our strength is our people. We are more than 2,300 strong, and we draw on our people's knowledge, experience, and unparalleled commitment to serve your needs every day. Likewise, our continued investments in facilities and systems give us the strength to deliver, both in robust markets and in ever-changing times.

Mission Statement

We are Zekelman Industries.

We manufacture superior quality tubular and related products, and provide outstanding service for our valued customers.

We seek to continuously advance the skills and opportunities of our employees, utilizing the latest technology and management tools available to consistently increase profitability and the enterprise value of Zekelman Industries and of our customers.

We are one company with one goal: to deliver pipe and tube solutions that contribute to our customers’ success. We are Zekelman Industries.