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Jelani Rucker serves as VP of Marketing and Business Development for the Zekelman Industries, managing marketing, new business and strategic relationships across the entire Zekelman Industries product portfolio. With more than 15 years of leadership experience in business operations, management, sales and marketing, he has held senior positions at Lucent Technologies, BCI Communications and TESSCO Inc. He received a bachelor’s degree in electrical and computer engineering and a master’s degree in technical management from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md.

Mapped Out For You: Zekelman Industries Strategic Locations

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At Zekelman Industries, we pride ourselves on having the knowledge and experience to deliver your steel pipe and tube solutions.  Our investments in facilities, systems and people give us the strength to deliver, both in robust markets and in these ever-changing times. 

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A Real Hit: Zekelman Industries visits the Friendly Confines



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Why the Market Shows Us We Need Solar Construction Standards

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A major component of the solar industry is the design, manufacturing and installation of the infrastructure used to support solar panel array systems. While panel technology continues to improve and become more efficient, infrastructure solutions have evolved at a slower pace. This begs the question: should the solar industry develop its own set of construction standards? With reports illuminating North America’s increasing demand for green energy, JMC supports the development of industry-wide standards that drive consistency, efficiency, longevity and cost savings.

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Zekelman Industries in Four Iconic Buildings: A Cheat Sheet for Customers

the-capital - washington D.C.
clinton library- little rock
the pentagon - DC
rogers center - toronto
jmc constructor

Zekelman Industries products – ranging from HSS, standard steel pipe, electrical conduit and elbows, couplings and nipples – strengthen structures of all types across North America. The following are some of the high-profile and well-known structures that contain our steel pipe and tube solutions:

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Top 10 Facts about Oil Sands from CAPP


An alternative to crude oil, oil sands reserves have only recently been considered to be part of the world's oil reserves, as higher oil prices and new technology enable them to be extracted and upgraded to usable products. Canada is uniquely positioned to provide an abundance of energy—with 174 billion barrels of oil that can be recovered with today’s technology. Of that number, 169 billion barrels are located in the oil sands. (Source: ERCB and Oil and Gas Journal 2011).

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