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Jelani Rucker serves as VP of Marketing and Business Development for the Zekelman Industries, managing marketing, new business and strategic relationships across the entire Zekelman Industries product portfolio. With more than 15 years of leadership experience in business operations, management, sales and marketing, he has held senior positions at Lucent Technologies, BCI Communications and TESSCO Inc. He received a bachelor’s degree in electrical and computer engineering and a master’s degree in technical management from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md.

Domestic Steel is Critical for Military Construction, and U.S. Infrastructure Upgrades


Department of Defense requires military to use steel that is 100% made in the U.S.

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New Mobile Catalog Provides Latest EC&N Product News


Picoma Industries, a division of JMC Steel Group, recently launched a new iPad® app, the Picoma ECN Catalog. This app is the latest among JMC’s growing suite of innovative apps and valuable tools for industry professionals.

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A 21st-century DOM tubing manufacturing facility

Sharon Tube

We recently announced our DOM product line has officially been changed back to Sharon Tube, headed by President Bill Perrine. Perrine, a 32-year veteran of the steel pipe and tube industry, who most recently served as the CEO of Sharon Tube prior to his retirement in 2007.

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Solar Jobs Census Shows Investment in Alternative Energy Creates Jobs

national solar jobs

In November 2012, The Solar Foundation released The National Solar Jobs Census 2012 that included updates on current employment and projected growth for the U.S. solar industry. The Solar Foundation first started tracking jobs in 2010—since then, their research has shown that solar industry employment has grown 27 percent. 

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Holiday Gift-giving Brings Zekelman Industries Vision and Values to Life


We pride ourselves on having the knowledge and experience to deliver steel pipe and tube solutions, but the Zekelman Industries commitment isn’t limited to project delivery.

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