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Randy Boswell currently serves as President for Energex Tube. Mr. Boswell is responsible for sales, marketing, and operations relating to energy products (OCTG & Line Pipe). He is also responsible for sales forecasting and plan development.

Previously, Mr. Boswell held the position of Vice President, North American Sales for Atlas Tube. In this capacity he was responsible for sales of HSS and Atlas pipe products. During his tenure in this position, Atlas acquired Maverick Tube's and Copperweld's HSS business, and Mr. Boswell was actively involved in merging three customer service and sales forces into one HSS sales group.

Mr. Boswell began his 21 years in the pipe and tube industry working in the sales function at Tube & Steel Company of America, a division of Titan Industrial.

Mr. Boswell was born and raised in Tampa, Florida and he received his bachelor's degree in systems engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

Import OCTG Continues the Onslaught

Import Shipments into the US
Imports as a Percentage of Consumption
OCTG Market Share Import vs. Domestic Shipments

Over the past couple of weeks, the Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) markets have started showing positive signs:  the rig count has apparently reached bottom, inventory levels appear to be in better shape, and import shipments seem to be declining.

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Who’s the Real Threat to American Jobs in the Oil & Gas Industry?

Jack Sunset

Energex Tube is a mid-sized player in the very competitive OCTG space. Part of JMC Steel Group, we are provided many opportunities other companies in the OCTG industry may not have, including advantages in procurement and manufacturing expertise.

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Support U.S. OCTG Producers!


The final determination of dumping margins in the current OCTG trade case is only days away, and the U.S. steel industry is rallying support for a change in the Department of Commerce's methodology used to calculate preliminary margins. But South Korean imports continue to come into the United States in record numbers. In fact, the 2014 pace of these imports is exceeding the 2013 levels by over 30 percent. And so the entire market wonders, is this last surge because the South Koreans think they will receive dumping margins in a few weeks? If the South Koreans are confident they have found a way to get past the laws of fair trade, is this only the beginning? We will know the answer soon — but not soon enough, as far as I am concerned!

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Response to OCTG Trade Case Ruling

Something's Not Right

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Do You Know Where Your “Domestic” OCTG Really Came From?


Since 2009, US companies have shown increased support for fellow US manufacturers.  The reasons for this are many, including patriotism, supporting the US economy (which should in turn grow their own business), shorter and more predictable supply chain, and known quality.  We see this trend from E&P companies particularly on OCTG casing with many jobs specifying domestic casing. 

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