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Solar Forecast: Installations, Prices, Employment and the Future

PV Installations
PV Price
PV Future

All information from SEIA/GTM Research “U.S. Solar Market Insight: Q1 2013” unless noted otherwise.

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Top Commercial Brands are Solar Energy Customers

IKEA atlas tube
Essex-20130215-SP Inst with ballast

Why are some of the largest and most cost efficient companies turning to solar for energy consumed by on-site facilities? It’s pretty simple; they want to continue to be the largest and most cost efficient companies. Iconic brands like WalMart, Costco, IKEA, Kohl’s, and Walgreens are synonymous with proficient management, low overhead and profitable business models. And now they’re deploying record level solar systems because they see a smart investment comprised of decreasing installation costs, innovative financing options, and the ability to stabilize future energy expenses.

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Solar Jobs Census Shows Investment in Alternative Energy Creates Jobs

national solar jobs

In November 2012, The Solar Foundation released The National Solar Jobs Census 2012 that included updates on current employment and projected growth for the U.S. solar industry. The Solar Foundation first started tracking jobs in 2010—since then, their research has shown that solar industry employment has grown 27 percent. 

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