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Solar Jobs Census Shows Investment in Alternative Energy Creates Jobs

In November 2012, The Solar Foundation released The National Solar Jobs Census 2012 that included updates on current employment and projected growth for the U.S. solar industry. The Solar Foundation first started tracking jobs in 2010—since then, their research has shown that solar industry employment has grown 27 percent. national solar jobs

According to the SEIA, a stronger and more competitive U.S. domestic manufacturing base will support more robust job creation and economic growth, with solar manufacturing expansion continuing in 2012 and 2013.

The U.S. solar industry continues to be a bright spot in the economic recovery. Here’s why:

  • There are 119,016 solar workers in the U.S. as of September 2012
  • 86 percent of the nearly 14,000 new solar workers added since August 2011 represent new jobs
  • Solar employment is expected to grow by 17.2 percent over the next year
  • Domestic photovoltaic (PV) installations increased at a 77 percent compound annual growth rate between 2006 and 2011
  • The solar industry’s growth rate has surpassed that of some energy industries that experienced job gains in 2012
  • Consistent and effective policy support and continued effort across public, private and non-profit sectors to reduce the non-hardware costs of solar in the U.S.

I believe the commercial solar industry is an emerging market that is growing rapidly and relies on structural steel tubing to support its most important assets—solar panels.

The name of the game in this industry is to design and install structural solutions that protect panels even when it isn’t a sunny day. JMC Steel Group has the largest size range of structural tubing in North America. Our larger sizes (12” – 20”) are widely used for carport applications throughout the solar industry. Read more about how we meet the solar industry’s highest standards and how we help establish them.

Solar jobs reports are an important indicator of industry success. This year’s report shows that solar energy is a smart investment.  Read The Solar Foundation’s full report here: http://thesolarfoundation.org/research/national-solar-jobs-census-2012.

Are you one of the 100,000 Americans working in solar?  What’s your outlook for 2013?

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