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Zekelman Industries in Four Iconic Buildings: A Cheat Sheet for Customers

Zekelman Industries products – ranging from HSS, standard steel pipe, electrical conduit and elbows, couplings and nipples – strengthen structures of all types across North America. The following are some of the high-profile and well-known structures that contain our steel pipe and tube solutions:

the-capital - washington D.C.The Capitol Building, Washington D.C., contains Wheatland Tube electrical conduit, sprinkler pipe and standard pipe.

clinton library- little rock

Clinton Library, Little Rock, AR, contains Wheatland Tube electrical conduit, sprinkler pipe, and Atlas Tube HSS.

the pentagon - DC

The Pentagon, Washington D.C., contains Wheatland Tube electrical conduit and sprinkler pipe.

rogers center - torontoThe baseball stadium Rogers Center, Toronto, ON, contains Atlas Tube HSS.

These four iconic buildings are only a sampling of the structures which house JMC products. Ask your customers if they've marveled at the Chicago skyline, the Pentagon, or Independence Hall; cheered on the home team at New York’s Yankee Stadium or Toronto’s Rogers Center; toured the U.S. Capitol or watched a gondola climb up Whistler’s Peak. If they know these structures, then they know JMC Steel.

To explore the wide range of Zekelman Industries products in other applications– including energy, construction and building systems – click on the image below:

jmc constructor

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Guest - strutural steel on August 5, 2013

Just make sure that the material use is high quality.

Just make sure that the material use is high quality.